Production workshop equipment.

Cold rolling mill
This unit is a Senkimir Type 20-roll high-speed reversible non-ferrous metal cold rolling mill, which has high production efficiency, stable quality, and produces flat strips.

Pull straightening unit
This unit is a specialized equipment for leveling, straightening, and finishing precision strip and foil products.

Annealing unit
This unit is a strip and foil annealing production line. It has high equipment efficiency, produces products with uniform and consistent performance, smooth surface, and enables large-scale annealing process for strip and foil materials.

Cold rolling mill
This unit is a Senkimir Type 20-roll precision reversible non-ferrous/rare metal ultra-thin foil cold rolling mill. It achieves high precision, stable quality, and excellent performance during production.

Metal strip foil cutting machine
This unit is capable of slitting metal strip and foil materials into various widths ranging from 10mm to 350mm.

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