Huiyou Saintbang Rare Metal Foil Market.

Professional manufacturer of strip foil and precision stamped parts.

The company has obtained the GB/T19001:2015 standard quality management system certification. The product application scope covers many fields, including nuclear power, metallurgy, seawater desalination, petrochemicals, environmental electronics, mechanical manufacturing, medical equipment, ships, aerospace, outdoor, and civil products.

Industrial Titanium Foil, Stamped Titanium Foil, Precision Titanium Foil, Medical Titanium Foil.

Over 20 years of titanium foil production experience and technological research that you can trust.

Huiyou Zhongbang Metal Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of “technological innovation, win-win development, integrity first, and customer supremacy.” We continuously strive to provide you with high-quality products, technology, and services, and look forward to becoming your loyal long-term cooperative partner soon.

Over 20 years of product experience.

High-quality product manufacturing and services.

Cold-rolled rare metal strip coil.

High precision and high-quality strip coils processed according to customer requirements for thickness, width, metal content, and processing.

Precision machining on the basis of strip coils.

Our company's thinnest foil can reach 0.005mm.

Titanium frost and colored handicrafts.

Colorful Master Cups, distinctive for personal use or as gifts.

Stamped products.

Precision stamped products, and we can also adjust the dimensions and styles of the tooling according to different purposes to meet customer requirements.

Product Testing.

Our company adheres to the principles of safety production, quality first, and customer service first. We ensure that detailed inspections are conducted for every batch of goods.

Integrated production workshop.

With a focus on rare metal foil and strip core business, as well as the production and sales of alloy strip and foil, we have made careful adjustments to the factory layout and production sequence over the years to achieve true integration. Our workers are not fatigued, production is well-organized, and we strive for high efficiency and productivity.

Sustainable development.

Committed to ensuring quality and service to our customers.

We Follow Best Practices

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Factory address: No. 8 Courtyard, Baoji High-tech Development Zone, Shaanxi, China.

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